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Energy Related Products - ErP Directive

The Energy related Products [ErP] directive that came into force in September 2015.

Rest assured that RW Thomas and Worcester Bosch will be right by your side every step of the way.

The ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive consists of new regulations to help the EU achieve its 20-20-20 target to reduce energy use by 20 per cent and increase the share of renewable energies by 20 per cent by 2020.

ErP will eventually effect all products that have an impact on energy use, meaning all boilers and heating systems will be labelled in the same way that white goods, like refrigerators and freezers, already are with the aim of improving efficiency.

ErP ratingThe ErP directive designed to help the EU achieve its target to reduce energy use by 20% and increase the share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020. It will affect all space and water heaters, ensuring they meet minimum efficiency requirements, and require the same type of energy efficiency labels as fridges and freezers.

Space and water heating products are required to have an energy label, already familiar on other white goods such as A+++ rated dishwashers/washing machines, and manufacturers can only sell compliant products since 26th September 2015.

Low-rated water heating products (such as those which might be rated in bands F or G) will not be permitted under the new directive.

Worcester Bosch Gas Boilers are all highly efficient A or B rated appliances.

RW Thomas Heating only commission the most efficient and ecologically friendly boilers manufactured.

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