Warm Air Servicing & Repairs

Warm Air Heating Annual Servicing

It’s highly recommended that you service your Warm Air Heating system every year.

Not only will this help prevent appliance breakdowns, but a well maintained heater is much more energy efficient and that will help keep your energy bills down. For all new installations, yearly servicing is important to help maintain the validity of your warranty.

Contact us to arrange a convenient time to visit and service your appliance. Our Gas Safe registered engineer will inspect the boiler and carry out the service.

Please call on 07792 093224 to arrange a your annual Warm Air Heating service.

Annual Warm Air Services include the following:

gas pressure check

Gas Pressure Check

We check your mains gas pressure or oil supply from your tank to make sure it is sufficient for reliable and efficient running.

carbon monoxide chack

Carbon Monoxide Check

We test your flue to make sure your appliance isn’t expelling CO gas into your household.

Appliance Check

We inspect your appliance and the controls to make sure they’re safe and working correctly & check for any wear or leaks.

warm air heating servicing

Wear & Tear Check

We carry out a thorough examination of your appliance to check for any wear or leaks.

warm air appliance clean

Appliance Clean

We examine the appliance's components and make sure they are clean and dust free.

Service Report Paperwork

Finally, we provide a written service report required to support your warranty.

Please call on 07792 093224 to arrange a your annual Warm Air service.

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